The all new .WIKI domain extension will be available in general release tonight from 11:00PM AEST.

The .wiki TLD will allow anyone, from individuals to fan clubs to corporations, to host their content on a naturally convenient extension. Internal wikis no longer have to be hidden within a larger corporate site; hobbyists and fans can build stronger community projects by starting with a memorable name; and innovative open source initiatives can get greater public attention and participation.

Wikis reflect the Internet as a whole, and they both facilitate dynamic collaboration and greater understanding. The unique results of wiki are not possible from disconnected and individually focused methods. Generally, when you’re reading something on the web that isn’t quite right, you lack the ability to fix it, with wiki you have the ability to reorganize and improve the page in front of you. The Internet is the greatest knowledge resource ever created, and .wiki is set to become the most important space for knowledge development and innovative crowd-sourcing.

Register your .wiki today (27/05/2014) from 11:00PM AEST right here from just $49 for 1 year.