Customers impacted by the recent discontinuation of supply by Telstra Wholesale to our upstream provider IVNX Group will require a new SIM card following us being able to secure continued supply via an alternate provider. These new SIM cards are being sent directly from our new wholesale provider today via Express Post. The letter is available for download here and also is below.

Should you have any questions please call us on 1300 37 37 33 or email


Important Changes Regarding Your Mobile Service

Dear <First Name>

Your service/s will remain on the Telstra network with the same great rates, this is simply a change of wholesale provider.

Your new enclosed sim card will be activated on 11/06/2015 so please ensure you have the attached Telstra sim card with you on that date for the simple transfer.

From 11/06/2015 your current Telstra sim card will be disconnected.

Do not remove the current Telstra sim card until the service stops working.

In the meantime please keep your new SIM card in a safe place and take a few moments to read through the step-by-step transfer process and the frequently asked questions below.

Mobile Number <number> to use Sim Card Number <number>

Kind regards


Oncue Telecom



  • Will my service change in any way?
  • No, you will continue to enjoy the Telstra network and have the same features available to you.


  • Will I be able to keep the same mobile number?
  • Yes. Your mobile phone number will not change.


  • Will I lose any information from my phone?
  • You will lose any information which is stored on your SIM card memory. This includes text messages, contacts and all voicemail messages. To avoid losing your contacts and text messages you can transfer them into your handset’s memory on most models of phone.


  • How do I save my contact numbers onto the mobile handset’s memory?
  • Refer to your handset manual or call the manufacturer’s helpline. This MUST be done before the transfer.


  • How do I save text messages to the phone’s memory?
  • Refer to your handset manual or call the manufacturer’s helpline. This MUST be done before the transfer.


  • Will I need to re-record my voice-mail greeting?
  • Dial 101 after the transfer has happened and follow the prompts.


  • Will my plan or call prices change?
  • You’ll continue to benefit from OncueTelecom’s great rates.


  • Will I still get my bill from OncueTelecom?
  • Yes. OncueTelecom will still bill you for your mobile phone service.


  • Do I have to change mobile sim card?
  • Yes. OncueTelecom will be ceasing our contract with our previous wholesale supplier. If you have any concerns about this please call our customer service team on 1300 37 37 33.


  • What do I do with my new SIM card?
  • If you are ready to transfer your service immediately please call our customer service team on 1300 37 37 33 between 9am and 6pm (EST) Monday to Friday. Otherwise, keep it in a safe place until the date provided above.


  • Will my new SIM card work straight away?
  • Your new SIM card will not be activated until the date provided above.


  • Will my service stop working during the changeover?
  • Your service will stop working very briefly while you remove your old SIM card and insert your new one. It is important that you have your new SIM card with you on the day that you arrange for the transfer to go ahead.


  • Why am I being asked for a new PIN number?
  • This is an important security feature to prevent unauthorised use of your new SIM card. If you had an existing PIN number for your old SIM card it will be replaced by the new one. You can use the security settings on your phone to change your PIN back to your original PIN if you wish.


  • Will my GPRS, WAP or MMS services be affected?
  • Your settings will need to be re-configured for the new network. Most modern handsets will do this automatically. If you encounter difficulties after porting your number please refer to your handset manual or call our customer service team on 1300 37 37 33.