We are facing intermittent email issues on our shared linux hosting servers.

What is the impact?

When you try to send mails from our shared linux hosting packages, you will see an error “421 Too many concurrent connections”. You will also see a delay in incoming emails.

What are we doing ?

We are finding out culprit email accounts which are responsible for sending spoofed emails and forcefully resetting email account passwords. We are doing this in batches on all our servers. Once we take care of these spoofed email accounts, you will not receive such error messages/delays when you try to send an email.

What do you need to do to prevent such issues?

– You need to set a strong password for email accounts and never share your passwords with anyone.
– You need to periodically scan your machine where email accounts are configured via email clients.
– You need to scan your website files and make sure spam emails are not sent via automated scripts.

Please feel free to contact our support helpdesk in case you have any queries.